Angola: Malaria and Meningitis Dominate Epidemiology in Angola – Secretary of State

Lubango — The epidemiological situation in the country is dominated mainly by two diseases, which are malaria and meningitis, although there is a reduction of these diseases in some provinces.

The fact was reported Saturday to the press, in Lubango, by the Secretary of State for Public Health, José Manuel Vieira Dias da Cunha, as part of his visit to the province of Huíla on Tuesday to assess the state of local epidemiological surveillance.

According to the official, the Angolan government continues to develop vector-based campaigns based on four fundamental pillars, such as fumigation, mosquito nets distribution, intra-household spraying and environmental sanitation, in order to avoid mosquito breeding.

Regarding meningitis, he reported that 50 cases were registered with 20 deaths in the province of Huíla in two months, representing a “very high” mortality rate, requiring an urgent intervention.

In relation to measles, the province of Lunda Sul, registered over a thousand cases of the decease.

José da Cunha also showed concerned about the 50 thousand cases of scabies that Huíla registered this year.

José da Cunha announced that, in order to prevent the pathologies, community and health development agents are being trained to link health services and the community.


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Publish date : 2019-06-03 06:22:59

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