Botswana: Molefhi Urges Employees to Improve Health

Gaborone — Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Mr Nonofo Molefhi has urged Batswana to change their behaviour to improve their health.

Speaking during the commemoration of World Hypertension and No Tobacco Day by Office of the President employees in Gaborone recently, Mr Molefhi said various lifestyles had a significant contribution to hypertension.

“The saying that ‘we are what we eat’ is very true, if we continue eating magwinya and serobe (fatcakes and offal) for breakfast as it is common in the work place, then we should not be surprised to see the workforce being overweight with a likelihood of developing hypertension over time,” he said, adding that change should begin with every individual.

Mr Molefhi encouraged people to increase the consumption of indigenous food such as millet, sorghum, mxhwaxhwa, fruits and vegetables, to eliminate tobacco use and engage in physical activities to improve their health.

The minister called on all to be change agents towards health promotion at the work place and at home.

He said such a move would teach the younger generation the importance of healthy lifestyles, thereby reducing the risk associated with hypertension.

The day was commemorated under the theme Know Your Numbers with a goal of increasing awareness on high blood pressure (BP) and the importance of knowing BP measurements and the harmful effects of tobacco.

For his part, Dr Thusang Gure of Medexo Clinic in Gaborone said the normal BP should read between 120-130 on the top and the bottom number should be between 60-100.

Dr Gure pointed out that hypertension had remained a major cause of morbidity in patient cases.

Sharing the sentiments with Mr Molefhi, Dr Gure stated that most non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes were a result of tobacco use, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet.

He was also of the view that Batswana should start eating a balanced diet, with low fat and low salt, drink enough water, increase physical activity through exercising to have far-reaching results in lowering hypertension.

Dr Gure however pointed out that the number one cause of hypertension was stress, saying ‘blood pressure goes up as a result of emotions.’

Attendees for the day had a free health screening of BP, sugar diabetes, cholesterol level, body composition and body mass index by the Medexo Clinic.

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