South Africa: A DNA Test Could Save Your Life, but Potentially Also Hand You a Life Sentence

Genetic testing provides a glimpse into your future. It identifies the elements and environments you should avoid, as it puts your wellbeing at risk. But you could also learn some scary facts, such as the high chance of your developing serious conditions such as early-onset Alzheimer’s or incurable rare cancer. Whether you dare a drive down DNA lane as I did or choose to play the odds of ignorant bliss, genetic screening is life-changing stuff.

Mapping your unique genetic makeup has nothing to do with genealogy, lineage or ancestry. It lays out the genes you have and the genes you don’t, which of those work and which don’t, and how the variations and mutations of them all are linked to specific diseases or health conditions.

My specific gene pool was filled by DNA testing outfit GENEWAY, which provided insight into my general wellness, athletic ability and skin health, via its General Combo option.

I was provided with a collection kit and all I had to do was scrape the inside of my cheek with a cotton wool bud for 60 seconds, place it in a provided glass container and get it back to the lab within 24 hours.

My sample…


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Publish date : 2019-09-30 07:23:53

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