Mozambique: 96 Per Cent Coverage in Second Vaccination Phase

Maputo — The Mozambican health authorities vaccinated 240,965 people with the first dose of vaccine against the Covid-19 respiratory disease during the second phase of the vaccination campaign, that ran from 19 April to 15 May.

Speaking at a Maputo press conference on Thursday, the head of the Expanded Vaccination Programme in the Ministry of Health, Graca Matsinhe, said the target group for the second phase include 251,905 beneficiaries. Reaching 240,965 with the first dose was thus a coverage of 96 per cent.

The largest number of vaccinations took place in Maputo province. The target here was 50,975 people, and 50,018 were vaccinated – a success rate of 98 per cent.

“Because in the next phases we shall be covering larger groups”, said Matsinhe, “we must step up the component of education and communication so that we can ensure that people turn up to the vaccination posts on their specific day”.

“We were vaccinating diabetics, but not everybody knows that they have diabetes, and those who do know don’t always go for follow-up in the health units”, she added. “It would help, if they had some document proving they are diabetics, and that would facilitate our registration system”.

The first phase of the vaccination programme largely covered health professionals. Matsinhe said that 53,938 health workers received the first dose of the vaccine, and 50,729 the second dose. This was a coverage rate of 94 per cent.

“To guarantee vaccination of those health professionals who did not take the vaccine in the first phase, we are strengthening our communication to ensure that these people come back to be vaccinated with the second dose”.

She explained that here are criteria of eligibility. Thus women who are pregnant, or who are breastfeeding, cannot take the vaccine, and nor can people who are active Covid-19 cases. But a good number of these people have now become eligible, and should be vaccinated.

In the first phase, Mozambique relied on a donation by the Chinese government of 200,000 doses f the vaccine produced by the Sinopharm company. For the second phase, Mozambique received 484,000 doses of the Covishield vaccine, produced in India. 100,000 doses were donated by the Indian government and 384,000 doses were provided through the Covax facility, run by the World Health Organisation.

The people eligible for the second phase included diabetics, patients with respiratory, cardiac and renal problems, prison inmates and staff, primary school teachers and policemen over 50 years of age, final year health course students, and media professionals.

There is a gap of two months between the first and second doses of the Covishield vaccine. Thus those who received the first dose in May will receive the second in July.


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Publish date : 2021-05-21 15:57:56

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