Some Of The Best Core And AB Exercises For A Great Core Workout!

Here are a few great exercises to really focus on your core and abs. The strength you gain from doing these kinds of exercises consistently, will translate into better strength with most calisthenic holds and exercises.



A breakdown of the workout:

You don’t need to do all the exercises in the workout if it is too much for you, but feel free to add even one or two of them into your workouts 🙂



1. V- ups (3 sets of 10)

2. V-up and bent leg V – up (3 sets of 10) This is harder than just the V-up so feel free to reduce the reps if you need to.

3. Hollow body hold super set:
-Hollow body hold with hands by your side in front of you
-Hollow body hold with hands above you
-Hollow body hold with hands by your side in front of you with small flutter kicks
-Hollow body hold with hands above you with small flutter kicks
(Hold each hold for at least 10 seconds) KEEP THE (LOWER) BACK FLAT AND NOT ARCHED!

4. V-up variation, straddle V-up and bent leg V-up (3 sets of 10 reps)

5. Side raises (3 sets of 15 reps)

6. Plank and side plank (hold each for +- 30 seconds and increase from there)

7. Alternating side twists (3 sets of 20.. 20 on each side)

8. Not sure what they’re called, but they’re great to help with leg raises, L sits etc. (3 sets of 15 of each variation).


Some Of The Best Core And AB Exercises! Core Workout


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