South Africa: Disinformation in a Time of Covid-19 – the Electoral Code of Conduct

Now that the parties are bound by the Electoral Code of Conduct, challenge them when you see them breaking the code.

William Bird is director of Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) and Nomshado Lubisi is communications manager at MMA, a partner in the 411 platform to counter disinformation.

Week 32: Elections and disinformation

As with every election period, political parties are trying to entice the public to give them their vote, and promising all sorts of things they will do if elected. There are probably few who believe parties will deliver on these promises, but with 325 parties contesting the elections, maybe some will actually fulfil these promises if elected. Last week, parties signed the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Speaking at the event, the chairperson of the IEC, Glen Mashinini, said:

“This ceremony today is as important as democracy itself, of which credible elections are an irrefutable ingredient. This Code of Conduct provides parameters of conduct that are consistent with the vision of our democratic forebears who conceptualised a democratic society at peace with itself and indeed all its constituent elements.

“The Code of Conduct is thus a statutory instrument for the realisation of free and fair elections. It requires a…


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Author : Daily Maverick

Publish date : 2021-10-04 13:31:01

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