Uganda: Kasese Farmers Lose 200 Pigs to Swine Fever

Farmers in Kasese District have lost more than 200 pigs to African Swine Fever in one month following the outbreak of the disease in the area.

The district senior veterinary officer, Mr Yusufu Kibaya, told Daily Monitor this week that several sub-counties and town councils have been affected.

Mr Kibaya attributed the rise of the disease to proximity to the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

He said the virus is highly contagious, and is characterised by fever, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, and exhaustion in pigs.

Mr Kibaya also said disease could also have been transmitted by wild pigs, such as warthogs.

Mr Tom Mbakuhemba, a resident of Kinyamathe Village in Mahango Sub- county said he lost four pigs worth Shs1.8 million in one week.

“I was keeping these pigs knowing that when my children go back to school, I would sell them to raise fees, now that they are dead, I don’t know where I will get money when schools reopen next year,” Mr Mbakuhemba said.

Counting losses

Mr David Bwambale, a resident of Wasewanaba Village in Central Division, Kasese Municipality, said he recently lost 10 pigs worth Shs3 million to the disease.

“I invested part of my salary in piggery to get tangible returns, but now I am making losses and I don’t know what next enterprise I can venture into,” Mr Bwambale said.

Farmers in Kasese usually buy the animals from Rubirizi, Bushenyi, Kamwenge and Bunyangabu districts.

The district municipal assistant agricultural extension officer, Mr Asanairi Muhindo Bukanywa, said the infected pigs spread the virus through secretions from the nose and eyes and through their faeces, urine and at times vomit.

Authorities have banned the transportation of pigs in the district to avoid the spread of the disease.

The district has experienced similar outbreaks.

In January, the district veterinary department suspended piggery projects under the National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads) programme after farmers and officials failed to contain the spread of the disease that killed hundreds of pigs.

Since 2005, Kasese has been promoting zoning in piggery, poultry, goat-keeping, cattle, coffee, horticulture, maize, cassava, and sweet potatoe farming under Naads.


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