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It seems to be a tough time for South Africa’s men in blue, police. The already depleting force is having a hard time in keeping law and order after violent protests and widespread looting. So, if you want to be a cop in South Africa, you really have to be committed as it is not a fancy job.  

Let’s explore the present issues faced by police. 

Witnessing the troublesome situation lately, WION spoke to a police officer-in charge of an area called Meadowlands, Soweto that witnessed 11 deaths due to stampede. 

Brigadier Balaraman Govindasamy says looting in Ndofaya mall started early on Saturday. He says, although the police tried to repel the crowd, but unfortunately the rioters had an upper hand. So, the police had to fall back.  

Govindasamy says around 8 pm on the same day, it was reported that some people had got injured in the mall and later, upon the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 10 people were found dead on the scene while one person succumbed to his injuries later.  

In the last few days, the South African Police Services have been criticised heavily for not being able to handle the situation. In several instances, they have been a mute spectator to the lootings. 

The Brigadier said, “I think policing in South Africa has become a lot tougher. The present situation shows the same.  If police act then, it’s brutality, and if it chooses to not act, it is condemned for inaction. Our constitution makes it a bit difficult too.”  

Asked if there is a shortage of police personnel in the country, the officer said, “It is one of the main concerns. Our numbers have depleted and so have our resources due to resignations, retirements, deaths as a result of covid. This has affected our workforce.”  


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