Ethiopia: Oromia Plants 2.2 Billion Seedlings

392 million seedlings planted in 12-hour
In a bid to support the realization of the Green Legacy Initiative, over 2.2 billion seedlings have been planted in Oromia State during the current rainy season, according to the State’s Forest and Wild life Enterprise Bureau.
The Bureau Acting Head Ketema Abdisatold The Ethiopian Herald that planting of the seedlings manifests the state government’s commitment to the success of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) national greenery campaign.
Ketema further stated that consolidated activities have been carried out to plant 4.1 billion seedlings in Oromia till the end of this rainy season capitalized on the State’s conducive environment to the growth of diverse types of trees. 392 million seedlings were planted last Tuesday within 12- hour in Oromia which is a great success for both the State and the country at large.

Noting public’s participation for the Green Legacy Imitative in the State is overwhelming, he indicated that over 12 million people participated in Tuesday’s tree-planting campaign.
Oromia Agriculture and Natural Resource Bureau Head Daba Debele said for his part that the State has been fully implementing the Premier’s green growth plan. The seedlings that have been planted in Oromia are multipurpose: aesthetical and forestation plants.
Also, encouraging efforts are carried out by the state government to plant over one billion coffee seedlings in the current rainy season, Daba remarked.


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Author : Ethiopian Herald

Publish date : 2021-07-16 17:26:31

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