Cameroon: Human Rights Commission Expresses Dismay

The Cameroon Human Rights Commission (CHRC) (hereinafter referred to as: “the Commission”) is dismayed of the videos circulating on social media for the past few weeks in which people are shown naked without their consent and/or molested. Through a press release on the upsurge of infringements on the dignity of persons on social media, the Chairperson of the Commission, James Mouangue Kobila has recalled various instruments amongst which the United Nations General Assembly resolutions 68/167 of 18 December 2013 and 69/166 of 18 December 2014 on the right to privacy in the digital age, which call on all States to respect and protect the right to privacy, especially with regard to the digital media.

Considering the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Cameroon adopted and ratified, the Commission has strongly condemned the recording and dissemination of indecent images and videos on social media, which infringe on human dignity, the right to privacy, the right to physical and moral integrity, the right to an image, amongst others. The Commission encourages all competent authorities to pursue investigations, so that responsibilities are established, suspects brought before the competent courts and sanctions taken in accordance with the legal provisions in force. The Commission also calls on parents, as those having the “primary responsibility for the upbringing and development of the child” to be more rigorous and vigilant in supervising their children, by instilling in them values likely to enable them to contribute effectively to the moral well-being of the entire society.


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Author : Cameroon Tribune

Publish date : 2021-07-09 14:21:40

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