Cameroon: North West Public Independent Conciliator sworn in

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09.07.2021 at 11h40
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The very first Public Independent Conciliator for the North West region, Simon Tamfu Fai has been challenged to make use of his persuasive abilities to amicably settle disputes between conflicting parties in the region.


This was during his oath taking and swearing in ceremony as pioneer Public Independent Conciliator for the North West region Thursday July 8 at the Court of Appeal in Bamenda.

Chairing the solemn ceremony, His Lordship, Justice Sokem Ngalle told Simon Tamfu Fai to be the impartial peacemaker the troubled region needs.

“You are the family of this region. You have the mission to bring peace to the region…a peacemaker in this context will need a technique of persuasion. Even though described as an independent conciliator, you have to be impartial in the discharge of your functions…” Justice Sokem Ngalle said.

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Well aware of the task ahead, the 66-year-old retired Engineer in Petroleum Geology, Simon Tamfu Fai promises to work independently.

“I will do my job independently, I have no instructions to take from anybody, I don’t give instructions to people and I don’t take from them…”

“I take advice, I listen and we can solve these problems amicably because the court systems are very expensive and our people are very poor, so we want to solve our problems amicably…”He told the press.

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No matter how he goes about the discharge of his duties, the President of the North West House of Chiefs has indicated that all the people want is peace.

“What we expect from him is peace, that’s all we want. He is a peace broker and a peacemaker. Anything that comes up between local, regional authorities and the population, he should be the peace broker.” Fon Yakum Kevin Teuvih told the press.

The Public Independent Conciliator’s office was introduced to complete the Special Status granted the two English speaking regions at the end of the Major National Dialogue that aimed to seek lasting solutions to the armed conflict rocking the regions for over four years now.

The office holder is expected to amicably settle disputes between users and the regional and council administration, defend and protect rights and freedoms with regard to the relationship between citizens and the region or the councils thereof, conduct any investigation on the functioning of regional and council public services and prepare a report on the functioning of regional and local councils.

Simon Tamfu Fai was appointed to assume this functions for a six-year non-renewable on June 10 by Presidential decree.




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