Cameroon: ‘We Have Our Eyes Everywhere’

Bernard Okalia Bilai, President of the Limbe-Buea site, Governor of South West Region.

Mr. President, the South West, notably Limbe and Buea, is playing host to some African Countries for the event of CHAN 2021. What words have you for the visitors from abroad to your Region?

We want to tell our guests to feel free, to feel secured while in the South West Region. Measures have been reinforced for the site of Limbe/Buea with background knowledge of separatists’ agitations. The visitors’ security, their protection is assured by the State. Let our visitors enjoy the sea, the mountain, the local meals and the warm hospitality of our population without any mixed feelings.

What is your message to the population of your region hosting the foreigners?

I just want to say we have had many opportunities and the honour to organise other international events like Mount Cameroon Race of Hope. In December 2016, we organized the African Female Cup without any worry. With the collaboration of the population, everything went well. So, we are inviting the very population to behave like when we used to organise the other international events. I mean they should be very close to the Forces of Law and Order and to the administration to denounce all what is suspicious around them. We are inviting our population to be watchful. We are inviting the elite, our leaders and all who matter to come and assist the population to offer the best hospitality to our guests.

Security wise, Mr. President, is there any worry for transportation, the hotels, the stadia and the streets that shall be in use during the event?

Everything is under check. The main stadium (Limbe Omnisports Stadium), the training grounds in Buea and Limbe, the hotels are all under surveillance. We have our eyes everywhere and I cannot reveal our techniques here. So, everything is under control. Although we cannot say that we are God Almighty. But we have done all what is humanly possible to secure our guests and the general population before, during and after the CHAN with the assistance of Government. Because of the size of the international event, we have been reinforced on the ground by the central Government apparatus.


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Author : Cameroon Tribune

Publish date : 2021-07-11 09:59:22

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