Cameroon: Peacekeeping in CAR – Cameroon’s Eighth Contingent Apt for Deployment

A technical delegation of experts from the Military Bureau of the United Nations carried out skills evaluation of their preparedness in the Motcheboum Pre-deployment Centre from July 7 to 10, 2021.

The eighth contingent of Cameroon’s battalion that will soon be deployed for the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) is technically and tactically ready for the peacekeeping mission after undergoing a three-month training at the Motcheboum Pre-deployment Centre in the Upper Nyong Division of the East Region.

After military skills evaluation that lasted from July 7 to 10, 2021, experts from the Military Performance and Evaluation Task Force of the United Nations, led by Lieutenant Colonel Sanjay Jung sounded upbeat about the level of preparedness of the troops. The delegation leader in a post-evaluation said, “I see a lot of changes. We conducted various kinds of assessments that included individual and collective skills both at night and during the day.” As to the level of the troops, he declared, “The soldiers have performed exceptionally well, motivated, demonstrated good skills, capacities as well as the understanding of conduct and discipline matters. I see the battalion as ready.” He further said that the troops are versed in matters of conduct and discipline and sexual exploitation. He recommended that the soldiers be continuously trained because, “this is a very sensitive matter taken by the UN in the peacekeeping environment.”

Concerning the capacity of the Motcheboum Pre-deployment Centre, the leader of the UN experts said it is a huge area with a lot of training facilities and infrastructure being built to facilitate all sorts of peacekeeping trainings as well as missions in specific training. “You can conduct all sorts of trainings here to support peacekeeping operations and to train troops for peacekeeping deployment.” He recommended that the training centre be established as a Joint Warfare Centre for other training activities of military curriculum. Lieutenant Colonel Sanjay Jung also recommended that the Motcheboum Pre-deployment Centre be established as an Excellence Centre for the Cameroon armed forces, for in the centre, he has seen very dedicated instructors and validators who have taken all the pains to train troops to ensure that Cameroon’s troops will contribute more in peacekeeping operations.

Colonel Ekwaingem Michael who is the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff in the Ministry of Defence in charge of International Relations specified that the UN team evaluated the soldiers understanding of the peacekeeping mission, level of training, individual competence which consists of firing at night and firing during the day, body first aid, collective competence which has to do with all actions that the company is called upon to carry out (crowd control and civil disobedience), fighting terrorists or rebels, rescue of wounded soldiers.


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Author : Cameroon Tribune

Publish date : 2021-07-13 08:33:07

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