Cameroon: Stabilising NW/SW Regions – Visiting PM Dion Ngute Building Peace in NW

Impressive welcome for the Head of Government, whose crucial peace building mission started with sporadic gunshots from some neighbourhoods at Matazen, gateway into the region.

“The return to normalcy in the North West and South West regions is dear to the Head of State and I come in peace as the messenger of the President of the Republic for us to speak out and stop the crisis rocking the regions”.

That is the message received by many people who rushed to welcome the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute on the neighbourhood streets at Marazen-Santa, Mile I, Customs, Governor and Finance Junctions, and Ayaba Hotel in the Old Town area. Amongst the lot who welcomed the Prime Minister into the region were Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique, Executive Regional Council President, Prof. Angwafo III Fru, political elite led by former Prime Minister and Grand Chancellor of the National Orders, Philemon Yang, Social Democratic Front (SDF) National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, traditional rulers, social groups etc.

Day one of the Prime Minister Dion Ngute’s four- day visit in Bamenda started, Tuesday, October 5, 2021 with audiences granted the Governor, the Generals of the 5th Joint Military Region, Members of Parliament and the press. A public event is expected to feature the Prime Minister today, October 6, 2021 ahead of programmed audiences involving representatives of municipal authorities, traditional and religious leaders, clergy, trade unions, transporters, economic operators, women and youth groups, Mbororo community leaders etc. The representatives of the living forces from all seven divisions of the North West Region are filing out with frustrations and suggestions expected to fast- tract the return to normalcy.

Prime Minister Dion Ngute is in a region that is not at peace with itself. Inhabitants are frustrated with pitiable state of road network, regular ghost towns and lockdowns, threats, kidnaps, torture, killings and a considerable slow down in economic and social life. PM Chief Dr. Dion Ngute is in Bamenda, to evaluate the progress report of the Major National Dialogue, two years after the event took place.


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Author : Cameroon Tribune

Publish date : 2021-10-07 11:06:24

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