Ethiopia: Success Speaks for Itself

Last Monday, Ethiopia has announced the successful completion of the second round reservoir impoundment on its flagship Dam, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). It has also declared as the Dam may commence generating energy in the next few months.

Heralding the news and congratulating Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia through his twitter page, Dr. Eng. Seleshi Bekele Water, Irrigation and Energy Minister, said that the second filling of the Renaissance Dam has been completed and the water is overflowing. The retained amounts are sufficient to run two turbines of the hydropower dam; and the next breakthrough for the GERD construction is to realize the early generation in the next few months.

This was a long-time coming good news for Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia. The progress, unquestionably, is a historic achievement to realizing Ethiopia’s sought after economic development. It is also a glimmering success for its people who have no access to electricity, living in darkness but yearning to see the successful completion of the dam as they know Dam’s wide-ranging impacts in breaking the yoke of poverty.

As Dr. Eng. Seleshi recently said at the UN Security Council meeting held in relation to the issue of the Dam, and it is repeatedly stated, the Dam has the fingerprints of Ethiopia’s farmers, pastoralists, daily laborers, business men and women, students and the Diaspora throughout the world. It is a Dam financed by the blood, tears and sweat of ordinary Ethiopians.

Truly, the Dam, which is backed by the active participations and contributions of Ethiopians living at home and abroad, is a symbol of their national pride, unity, and it is an indicator of their indomitable spirit and commitment no matter in what situation they may be.

What is more, it is an emblem of unity that ties all Ethiopians together, compel them to put aside their differences and stand as one, to speak the same language in each and every global platform where the issue of the Dam is raised.

Even, in times when the country is in challenging moments, and its peace and security has been treated badly, the Dam has always been a matter of concern that unify all parties regardless of any differences.

Currently, beating all the ups and downs and the concerted pressures attempted to impose on it by numerous entities aiming to abort the progresses of the Dam, Ethiopia has filled its symbolic Dam.

The old adage goes that success will speak for itself. And now the Dam is on the brink of generating power and a plan is set to generate power in the next few months.

Obviously, Ethiopia is unreservedly committed and keen to live in peace, cooperation and mutual benefits with all countries in the Horn and in the region on development matters.

The GERD, in this regard, can yield additional impetus for cooperation and mutual benefit for countries of the Horn and beyond.


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Author : Ethiopian Herald

Publish date : 2021-07-21 12:18:45

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