Egypt: Sisi Directs to Provide Allocations to Upgrade Judicial System

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi asserted his directives to the government focused on providing necessary allocations to upgrade the judicial system and achieve justice.

Sisi’s remarks were made at a ceremony marking Egyptian Judiciary Day held at Al Manara International Conference Center in New Cairo on Saturday.

Sisi further said the development of the judicial system aims at ensuring rapid implementation of judicial processes and boosting human capacity building mechanisms to select the most distinguished nominees to assume leading judicial posts.

The constitution guaranteed the independence of the judicial authority, according to him.

The president said the justice institution is one of the State’s key foundations and enjoys high widespread esteem.

Sisi greeted Egyptian judges on their judiciary day, which marks the beginning of the judicial year and coincides with women’s appointment in the State Council as well.

The president said the judiciary is one of the most significant State institutions that establish justice and achieve equality in Egyptian society.

The judicial system is highly appreciated by the Egyptian people thanks to the important role it plays in achieving justice and spreading societal peace and tranquility, Sisi said.

President Sisi said the government was given directives to provide necessary allocations to upgrade the judicial system, achieve prompt justice and facilitate public services.

The upgrade process was based on various axes, including judicial premises, mechanisms and use of technological applications, easy access of citizens to legal information, and other procedures to achieve prompt justice and facilitate services offered to citizens, he said.

The president said that the upgrade of the judicial system also included building capabilities to select talented personnel and help them assume judicial posts.

The effective and efficient management of justice is necessary for building the state of law, in which the constitution guarantees the independence of the judiciary, President Sisi noted.

He stressed that the current stage requires collective action to maintain the interests of our country and ensure a brighter future for its people.

President Sisi has thanked former president Adly Mansour for his role in running the state at a very critical time.

He pointed out that the Egyptian state pays due respect to the judiciary and does not interfere in judicial affairs.


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Author : Egypt Online

Publish date : 2021-10-04 09:35:13

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