Egypt: President El-Sisi Follows-Up On Status of Armed Forces Engineering Authority Projects

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met on Monday 4/10/2021 with President’s Adviser for Urban Planning Major General Amir Sayed Ahmed, Head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Major General Ehab El-Far and Assistant to the Head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority for road designs Brigadier General Abdel Aziz El-Feki.

The Spokesman for the Presidency stated that the meeting touched on the status of a number of projects implemented by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.

The President was briefed on progress of work on a number of construction projects in the New Administrative Capital, especially the residential neighborhoods, interior designs of Misr (Egypt) Mosque affiliated with the Egypt Islamic Cultural Center, encompassing halls such as Dar Al-Quran.

The meeting also touched on progress of work on a number of roads and axes projects, including the development of the new Mount Ataka Road and the Upper Egypt road network, particularly improving the Upper Egypt Free Road, in addition to the north axis of the city of Luxor.

The President stressed the importance of enhancing work on the road network in Upper Egypt to ease the movement of citizens and to serve development projects and new urban communities in the area.

The status for developing the road network system in the west of Greater Cairo, especially in Giza Governorate, was presented.

The President underlined continuing efforts to construct and raise the efficiency of roads in the west of Cairo, as well as the vital traffic axes linking the west and east of Cairo to accommodate the movement of citizens using those roads and axes. This shall also eliminate traffic jams and congestion, within the framework of the state’s national plan to upgrade the road network.

The spokesman added that the President was also briefed on developments pertinent to the status of other construction projects in the country, such as the project to develop El Alamein International Airport, including lounges and facilities.

The airport will rely on the latest technology used in international airports.


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Author : Egypt Online

Publish date : 2021-10-05 08:56:22

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