Egypt: Govt Denies Dismissing Tax Employees With Digitization of National Tax System

The cabinet media center denied reports claiming that the state is planning to dismiss the tax employees with the application of the digitization in the tax management system.

In a statement released on Friday, the cabinet media center said it has contacted the Finance Ministry which denied the news, asserting that such reports are baseless and bare of truth.

The Ministry reiterated that the state was committed to maintaining the rights of employees along with working on developing their performance in order to cope up with the new technologies in the tax management system.

It also noted that the Egyptian Tax Authority will employ new graduates who are qualified for dealing professionally with the mechanized systems.

The Ministry clarified that the new mechanized management systems is part of the state’s plans for digital transformation, which is no more an option, noting that digitizing the tax system would increase tax revenues and curb tax evasion.

The media center urged media outlets to be accurate in reporting such news from social media in order not to stir up public opinion.



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Author : Egypt Online

Publish date : 2021-10-11 09:16:54

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