Egypt: Ambassador – Japan Seeks Seizing Investment Opportunities in SCZONE

Japanese Ambassador in Cairo Noke Masaki said his country is deeply interested in increasing Japanese investments in Egypt and seizing investment opportunities in the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZONE).

This came during the ambassador’s meeting with Chairman of SCZONE Engineer Yahia Zaki. Masaki was accompanied by a delegation from the Japanese JICA to discuss investment opportunities in the zone as well as to provide technical support to SCZONE in various sectors.

The Chairman SCZONE expressed his happiness at the Japanese ambassador’s interest in visiting SCZONE, as he discussed the joint cooperation between the two sides, pointing out that the current investment situation in Egypt is very good as the country enjoys a good climate for investment, as well as the political leadership’s interest in encouraging serious investments.

During the meeting, Zaki explained a detailed presentation on the economic zone, for the past five years.

He also showed the incentives that SCZONE enjoys, especially the rules for import and export and customs guide that contributes to facilitating the business climate.

Japan intends to further strengthen its relationship with SCZONE, according to Masaki.

“It is important that the Suez Canal Zone, is a strategic location for international maritime transport that connects Asia with Africa and the Mediterranean.” Noke said.


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Author : Egypt Online

Publish date : 2021-10-12 08:40:07

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