Egypt: Italian Envoy Praises Cultural, Social, Economic Relations With Egypt

Italian Ambassador to Egypt Giampaolo Cantini has stressed the importance of cultural, social and economic relations between Egypt and his country.

The Italian ambassador’s statements came in a speech at the Italian Cultural Institute while presenting books “Italian Embassy in Cairo” and “The Nile pearl that was recovered from water”.

The first book, issued in Arabic today and will be issued in English next month, deals with the activities of the embassy over two decades, the envoy said, thanking translator Wafa El Bih who won the Italian star medal of third class in July over her efforts to translate the book into Arabic accurately.

The envoy said the Italian community played an important role in the history of modern Egypt in building the Egyptian state and civil society especially in the cultural and social fields.

He pointed out to the designing of the old Opera House and some buildings and cinema houses by a prominent Italian architect.

The second book deals with the role of Italian companies in salvaging of Temple of Philae in Aswan, Upper Egypt.


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Author : Egypt Online

Publish date : 2021-10-12 08:40:11

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