Ethiopia: News – UN Says Humanitarian Access in Tigray Improved but Cautions Resupply Critically Needed – Govt Says Flights Permitted

Addis Abeba — The UNOCHA says that humanitarian access has improved within Tigray, with large areas now accessible, allowing humanitarian partners to gradually resume humanitarian operations including food distribution, water trucking, medical supplies and farming seeds. However, the resupply of humanitarian supplies is critically needed, as is that of fuel, on which humanitarian operations depend.

On the other hand, the federal government said “since Monday July 5, 2021 the Federal government has granted flight permission for all interested parties to provide humanitarian services in Tigray region.”

According to the latest UN dispatch, in Mekelle, 23 displacement sites did not have access to water due to lack of fuel to operate water pumps. Lack of fuel is also affecting the transportation of humanitarian and commercial supplies inside the region. Several partners were also not able to provide cash assistance. Commercial flights to and from Mekelle that were halted on 23 June have not been resumed yet.

Road access from Mekelle to Addis Abeba via Afar region for staff rotation was largely possible on 1, 4 and 6 July. Supplies, however, are still blocked from proceeding.

It is critical to get additional staff and humanitarian and commercial supplies into Tigray, restore electricity and telecommunications, and ensure that cash and fuel are available throughout the region for the continuity of humanitarian operations. UN Daily Noon Briefing/Fed Gov’t


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Author : Addis Standard

Publish date : 2021-07-08 07:02:18

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