Ethiopia Comes Out Victorious –

The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced yesterday the results of the 6th General elections in the presence of President Sahlework Zewde.

Presenting the Board’s report, Deputy Board Chairperson Wubshet Ayele enumerated the challenges faced and achievements obtained during all the phases of the election.

He said, the Board members took over an election body that had poor organization and all members beavered to boost its capacity in human personnel, organization as well as formulating various guidelines and manuals in accordance with the law.

“The extent to which the Board traveled to ensure its impartiality has been too far and too successful. “

The Board has also won the hearts and minds of political parties as a result of the encouraging job it has undertaken, he said.

According to him, the performance of the Board has set the standard for future election in all respects introducing various new practices.

Guest of Honor President Sahlework Zewdie congratulated the people of Ethiopia who took part in the election for their perseverance to decide their future with their ballots.

“I have great respect to the people of Ethiopia who endured the punishing climate during the election day and cast their ballot to elect their representatives.”

She also appreciated the Board for making the elections peaceful despite various challenges that the country has faced.

She also congratulated all parties that have won the election, adding as parties that have not won seats should know that they won due to their involvement in the election and urged them to prepare themselves for the next election.

It is a county that must won in any election process, and Ethiopia has come out victorious in this election, she added.

Speaking at the occasion, Board Chairperson Birtukan Mideksa said the entire process has been filled with both optimism and challenges. She said it has not been easy to ensure the Board’s independence but ensuring the challenges the Board has made its independence a reality.

Accordingly in the election for federal parliamentary seats, out of the 23 seats in 23 constituencies of Addis Ababa, Prosperity Party (PP) has won 22 of them while an independent candidate won one.

Afar out of 8 seats (election did not go in 2 constituencies), PP won 6 of them: Amhara out of 138 seats (Election took place in 125 of the constituencies), PP takes 114, while five of them go to National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) and vote recounting and re-election would take place in one and five constituencies respectively.

In Benishangul Gumuz region, out of 9 seats, PP takes 3 and re-election would go in 2 constituencies. Dire Dawa, out of 2 seats PP takes 1 and vote recounting would take place in one constituency.

Gembella, out of 3 seats, PP has taken 3 of them. Oromia, out of 178, election took place in 170 of them, and PP takes 167 while independent candidates take three of them.

Sidama, out of 19 seats, PP takes 19 of them. Out of 104 constituencies in SNNP region, election took place at 85 of them, and PP takes 75 seats and EZEMA 4 seats and Gedoyo People Democracy Organization Party two of them while vote recounting would take place in one constituency and re-election goes to three of them.


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