Ethiopia: Millions to Rally Against Foreign Intervention in GERD

ADDIS ABABA – Over five million Ethiopians will take part in a demonstration protesting against international influence over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Youth Network for Sustainable Development announced.

The demonstration that will take place nationwide on 23 July 2021 with a theme : “The Hope of Ethiopia” . The rally is being organized by Youth Network for Sustainable Development(YNSD) in collaboration with Agency for Civic Society Organizations (ACSO) and Office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation to the Construction of GERD.

In a press briefing held yesterday, YNSD Executive Director Esayas Alemayehu said that the demonstration to be held in the country’s major cities protesting against international actors who are trying to influence and internationalize the issue of the GERD.

The demonstrators would denounce the destructive role of Egypt and Sudan who are trying their level best to hinder and delay the second round filling of the dam, he noted.

ACSO Director General Jima Dilbo for his part stated that the EU, the U.S., the Arab League and other international actors have been playing negative role against the dam.

Therefore, “We Ethiopians will be actively engaging in the demonstration to protest against these elements that stand to harm our national interest,” he underlined.

The demonstration is also intended to show support to the government in its effort to finalize GERD, he added.

Such rallies have immense role in developing sense of belongingness to the grand project and to make the voice of the people heard in the world, as to the Director General.

Taking the opportunity , he called on the youth to actively participate in the event.

These days, Ethiopians in the country and abroad are echoing their voices protesting against international actors who are trying to sensationalize and internationalize the development project of GERD as a security issue though the UNSC extended support to Africa Union (AU) led – GERD talks, it was learnt.


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Publish date : 2021-07-13 10:30:13

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