Ethiopia Registers Double Victory At Two Decisive Battle Fronts

Were there battles that Ethiopia fought? In fact there were two battles that took place a couple of days back reminding me a scene one in William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, which goes “When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning or in rain? When the hurly-burly is done, when the battle’s lost and won.”

The two battles against global conspiracies on Ethiopia were staged in New York at UNSC regarding GERD and the 6th National Election of Ethiopia which political sorcerers of the western media claimed would end in total fiasco. The two protracted battles are interconnected in the sense that both were hatched in the most heinous way to rob Ethiopia of her right to use the Blue Nile for producing hydroelectricity and to balkanize Ethiopia by sabotaging the long expected 6th National Election of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia managed to carry on the second phase of filling GERD in the face of the red eyed Egyptians and Sudanese leadership with approval even from those some of whom were sitting on the fence while the battle was raging on Ethiopia. Cordial appreciation should go to the USA, UK, Ireland, Russia, Canada, Mexico, India, and China and African sisterly countries like Kenya, Rwanda DRC who reauthorized the AU to preside over resolving the remaining technical and legal issues pertaining to GERD.

The Egyptian media and the opposition political forces in the country are seeking for war with Ethiopia but if such a war is staged, it would definitely be a global war that will end up in destroying the relics of human civilization in Egypt and Sudan. Why is there such a hullaballoo on Ethiopia’s efforts to electrify the rural population of the country? Again Egypt and Sudan are making the greatest mistake in their history by underestimating the role of AU and indirectly denying the cardinal principles of Pan Africanism.

Sudan threatened to take the issue of GERD to ICG but failed to understand the capacity of Ethiopia to defend its project to provide electricity of the country. It now appears that both Egypt and Sudan are not interested in the DoP and the role to be played by the AU. They are giving false promises to their citizens to try to appease the anger that is boiling up in Darfur and Egypt among their respective citizens.

Ethiopia has conducted and won the 6th National Election in the country by thrashing all conspiracies. Both Egypt and Sudan are not interested in democratic development in Africa but are inclined to their pan Arabic dream irrelevant to Africa. The two countries attempts to mobilize local terrorist forces to disrupt the lection but the people of Ethiopia successfully defended their electoral rights and voted overwhelmingly.

Hereafter, a huge amount of media conspiracy and false and fake news is expected from the global media simply because a peaceful election is conducted in Ethiopia. They will certainly continue to commercialize on the situation in Ethiopia as they are paid for it.

The Egyptians re attempting to give a religious overtone to the issue of GERD by claiming that Allah has provided them with the waters of the Nile and opposing this or trying to counter this is against the teaching of Islam. This trend of trying to use religion as a tool to keep irredentists leaders of Egypt and Sudan in already doomed to failure because millions of Ethiopian Muslims are behind the construction of GERD and the equitable utilization of the waters of the Nile.

The current international legal and political lexicon calls for the equitable utilization of the waters of the Nile based on the initiatives of the NBI which is an African institutional blue Print for the utilization of the waters of the Nile by all riparian countries. If Egypt and Sudan fail to accept such initiative, they might end up again at the UNSC with accusations on all Nile Riparian countries who have legal rights to build their own dams on the Nile.

Today it is about GERD but over the following years, unless Egypt comes in terms with the NBI and the corresponding proposed projects, the country could be overwhelmed with hydropower projects in other riparian countries that require the construction of multiple projects that demand the construction of various dams on the Nile. This stalemate can be solved not by military threats but by the provisions stated in DoP.

Egypt and Sudan tried to make a security issue out of GERD while in reality it is a development issue that is geared to benefit the three countries. On the other hand, contrary to the national interests of the peoples of Egypt, the Egyptian media and opposition are calling or the escalation of the situation whose dire consequences they are not ready to predict.

The remaining issues on GERD are basically hydrological-technical issues that could be seasoned by science but calling for a binding agreement that would make Ethiopia accountable for everything under the sun regarding GERD is totally unacceptable.

To the dismay of the international community and particularly African members of the UNGA and UNSC, Sameh Hassan Shoukry, the Egyptian Foreign Minister exhibited his county’s total lack of respect for AU and the capacity of the continental organization to address the issue of GERD by shamelessly uttering that AU can never bring about a lasting solution to the GERD stalemate. This puts Egypt at loggerheads with all Nile riparian countries that have helped to establish and also ready to nourish the cardinal objectives for which the AU was established.

To the disappointment of Egypt, Sudan and their massager TPLF, Ethiopia is ready to establish a legitimate government that will lead the people of Ethiopis to more shining victories.

Editor’s Note: The views entertained in this article do not necessarily reflect the stance of The Ethiopian Herald


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Author : Ethiopian Herald

Publish date : 2021-07-13 10:28:23

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