Africa: PM Abiy Says Ethiopia Will Work to Ensure Interest of Africa in Int’l Avenues

Addis Ababa — Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed vowed that Ethiopia will work to ensure the interest of Africa in the international avenues.

The Premier made the remark in a speech he delivered during the inaugural ceremony of the new government formation in Ethiopia held in Addis Ababa at Meskel square in the presence of head of states and governments of African countries, diplomats, and hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians.

During the occasion, the PM stated that Ethiopia will continue to strive for a strong, united and peaceful Africa whose interests are ensured in the international avenues.

Abiy said African countries have more things that could unit them than put them in to conflicts.

If Africans are ready to work together, they would be able to avert their problems, he added.

He further urged all nations of Africa to bring all their scattered abilities together in order to tackle their existing challenges noting that Africans have no other alternatives than enhancing their integration for the benefit of their people.

Prime Minister Abiy has also praised members of the international community that have given their support to Ethiopia during its trying times.

The Premier further affirmed that Ethiopia will enhance its relations with these countries, noting that the government is always open to those who wish to have friendship with Ethiopia.

However, he added that any kind of relations with other nations of the international community should not negatively affect the national integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.

He has also mentioned other members of the international community that betrayed Ethiopia while others stand with Ethiopia to support her with its challenges.

It is to be recalled that Abiy today has sworn in for a new five-year term as Prime Minister of Ethiopia.


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Author : ENA

Publish date : 2021-10-05 05:39:39

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