U.N. says Ethiopia to ease blockade of aid for Tigray, but no official agreement in sight

Nick Schifrin:

And yet, earlier this month, the Ethiopian government detained 70 truck drivers under U.N. contract who would have been delivering aid, and 22 U.N. staff and their families, before releasing 12 of them.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry accused the U.N. workers of participating in terror and disrespecting the country’s laws.

Dina Mufti, Spokesperson, Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs (through translator): They are not in space. They are in Ethiopia. They have to respect Ethiopia’s law, one by one. If they don’t respect the law of the land, they will be legally held accountable.


Source link : https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/u-n-says-ethiopia-to-ease-blockade-of-aid-for-tigray-but-no-official-agreement-in-sight

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Publish date : 2021-11-12 23:45:58

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