Kenya: Tana River Man Handed Life Sentence for Defiling Girl, 5

A man was on Tuesday sentenced to life imprisonment by a Hola Court for defilement.

The court heard that Doyo Said alias “Akram” defiled a five-year-old girl at their home on November 17, 2017.

The victim’s mother told the court that Doyo, 20, who was a family friend, went to their home to watch the 9 pm news on TV as usual.


Doyo, however, decided to stay longer as he played with the girl who was fond of him as the victim’s mother visited a friend next door. Sh is said to have left the offender with her two children.

On her return, she did not find Doyo in the living room and rushed to one of the bedrooms where he found Doyo in the act.

“He got shocked on seeing me and threw the child on the bed as he quickly dressed up,” narrated the girl’s mother.

She told Principal Magistrate Alloice Ndege that she called for help as Doyo wrestled her in an attempt to escape.


When the neighbours responded to her distress call, Doyo had already escaped, leaving behind his shoes and a piece of his torn shirt at the scene.

The girl was taken to Hola Sub-County Hospital for medical check-up where it was established that she had been defiled.

Doyo, who had gone into hiding, would later return months later.

In his defence Doyo told the court that the family only had evil plans against him.

He also said the exhibit presented in court had been planted. He denied having put on the shoes and shirt on the day the girl was defiled.

Mr Ndege however, sought to know why Doyo went into hiding after the incident instead of recording a statement with the police.


He also sought to know why the offender had feigned insanity upon appearing in court, subjecting the court to rigorous medical research.

The witnesses’ testimonies and evidence presented in court found Doyo guilty of defilement.

The prosecution noted that the victim’s family had no reason to frame the offender as they had no differences to warrant such.

The court declared Doyo a serious sexual offender and directed that he receives guidance and counselling and sex lessons while in jail.


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