‘Rogue, armed and dangerous’ policewoman on the run in Kenya after allegedly killing two

He has appealed to the public to help apprehend the policewoman who he said is “rogue, armed and dangerous.”

Senior police officers have said they are scared about who might be next and several have gone into hiding after receiving threatening messages from Kangogo, according to local media.

She is also reported to have sent death threats to her estranged husband, who is a senior police officer in Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city, and father to their two children.

Despite widespread coverage of the case, Ms Kangogo has so far evaded capture.

Security forces initially believed she had surrendered in Nakuru on Tuesday but later learned the report was falsified by Ms Kangogo to throw the police off her trail, according to local reports.

The fugitive also left her phone at the scene of the first murder making it difficult to locate her, authorities say.

The motives behind the alleged murders are not yet clear.

Local media reported some of her colleagues saying that she was a party animal and would often frequent bars in Nakuru, sometimes with known criminals.

“She is social though quick to anger,” said a fellow police officer.

Other reports suggested she has faced challenges with work and family.

Ms Kangogo had been working in the Railway Police Unit of the Kenya Police Service before she moved to Nakuru almost three years ago.

Her parents have appealed to their daughter to turn herself in, saying “we all want to know what happened and to avoid more bloodshed.”


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