Kenya: Nyeri County Launches 60-Day Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

The Nyeri County Health department has launched a mass Covid-19 vaccination drive targeting people with lifestyle diseases and those vulnerable to the virus.

According to Nyeri Health Director Nelson Muriu, the outreach strategy has helped the county get the vaccine closer to the people.

“We have ensured that all our staff members are trained in readiness for vaccine availability. This makes every facility a potential vaccination site,” he said, noting that they are using support group networks to reach the targeted people.

Through aggressive mobilisation through churches, public service announcements, schools, community health volunteers and the media, the county has managed to draw thousands of people to receive their first Covid-19 jab.

Ranks second

Nyeri ranks second among counties with the highest number of vaccinated people after Nairobi, according to data collated by the Ministry of Health, where a total of 114,927 people have received their first Covid-19 vaccination.

“We are also conducting defaulter tracing where we call or text them to come for their second dose,” he said, adding that the county is targeting to vaccinate 439,000 people by December 2022.

According to Dr Muriu, 95 per cent of all hospital admissions are non-vaccinated people who are also contributing to the number of deaths reported daily.

“We have not had any death among those vaccinated,” he said.

Each of the eight sub-counties has a select team that does outreach on a daily basis. Each team has two nurses and health records and information officers who aid in recording residents’ details in real time. They prepare a 30-day schedule.

60,000 people vaccinated

Through the outreaches, the Nyeri Health department had by last month vaccinated 60,000 people.

“We are targeting the general population as everyone is eligible to get the vaccine. But all the teachers and police officers in the county have received their first dose,” noted Dr Muriu.

The vaccination drive will go on for the next 60 days.

“In these 60 days we are planning on reaching additional 100,000 people for the first dose and reaching out to all those eligible for the second dose,” Dr Muriu said.


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Publish date : 2021-10-05 06:11:29

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