Nigeria: Kebbi, NNPC Seal Pact On Biofuel

Kebbi State Government has announced its partnership with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and a private company, Contec Global, on how to enhance the production of biofuel.

Bagudu said: “Today, the Kebbi State and NNPC Renewable Energy Division and Contec Global, announce a partnership where the NNPC has recommended Contec Global, and Kebbi State has accepted the company as an investor in the proposed biofuel programme.”

He said: “I think this is beyond Kebbi, the Renewable Energy Division of the NNPC has been trying as part of the vision of the President, to diversify actively so that the bulk of NNPC’s revenue will one day come from biofuel and this will mobilize all parts and indeed all States of Nigeria because the NNPC has been already entering into relationships with many States on biofuel which is already a very laudable development for our country.

“We believe that if States embrace biofuel as a number of us are doing, we will diversify our revenue, improve domestic production and generate more income for our people, States and the country.”

Group General Manager, GGM, Renewable Energy Division of the NNPC, Engr. Jibrin Lawal said that already the NNPC has two programmes in Kebbi Sate, which include the cassava fuel ethanol and sugarcane fuel ethanol plants.

“The one that we just had an agreement now to develop in Kebbi is the cassava ethanol. All the predevelopment issues have been taken care of, the visibility studies have been done and the state has been found to be viable and the plant will be an integrated one, whereby we produce pure ethanol.


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Author : Daily Trust

Publish date : 2021-10-01 14:19:37

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