South Africa: ‘We Are Grieving – It Feels Like Losing a Family Member’


In the aftermath of the Alexandra evictions on Friday, residents say they can only liken the pain to losing a family member. Dozens of homes were destroyed when the Red Ants descended on the area.

Speaking to Daily Maverick on Monday 3 June 2019, Nowelile Nomaqhiza recalled the trauma visited on her family by the government she said she voted for. The 51-year-old domestic worker was at work when she was phoned and told her home was being taken down.

“At first I thought it was a joke, but knowing this country, I immediately asked to be excused from work.”

Nomaqhiza said she was horrified when she arrived to find that her home, which she had just moved into at the end of February 2019, had ceased to exist.

Student, Zinikezele Nomaqhiza looks at what is left of his home and his study material after his family’s Alexandra home was demolished.

“I just fainted,” she said. However, this was the beginning of a terrible 24 hours which left her pregnant daughter, who was asleep in the house as the Red Ants closed in, in hospital.

Nomaqhiza’s daughter tried to salvage a few household items before their…


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