South Africa: World’s Biggest Youtuber Pewdiepie Roasts Zuma, Says Numbers Are His ‘Number 1 Enemy’

Hardly a day after it was released, a YouTube video by PewDiePie mocking former president Jacob Zuma has attracted over 400 000 viewers.

Swedish-born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who has over 96 million subscribers released a 11:59 minute long music video titled “He can’t count” where he teases Msholozi, as Zuma is popularly known.

“Have you heard about this guy? Does his face ring a bell,” he asks, before struggling to announce Zuma’s other name, Gedleyihlekisa.

“Jacob Zuma,” screams PewDiePie when he introduces Zuma followed by an image of Zuma seated next to former first lady Graça Machel.

“Now you understand? This man is the former president of South Africa. And here you can find him breaking it down…” he says while showing a video of Zuma doing his signature dance moves at what looks like an ANC event.

He then goes on to say “if there’s one thing about Jacob Zuma, and that’s one thing, numbers is Jacob Zuma’s number 1 enemy,” he said before showing Zuma struggling to announce the ANC number of its membership.

He continues mocking Zuma on various events where he struggled to count numbers.

The 29-year-old YouTube star then goes on to say a five-year-old can count better than Zuma. He goes as far as showing a little boy counting numbers from board held by comedian and TV show host Steve Harvey.

PewDiePie includes the famous clip where Zuma mocks the opposition in Parliament, accusing them of failing to correctly pronounce his homestead Nkandla properly.

A number of his South African subscribers have responded to his latest post.

Kamogelomaile replied on the clip saying: “As a South African, I enjoyed this a lot And everything you thought was probably not true, is 100% true”.

“As a South African I love this,” said Hazel Nicholson.

SnowFox replied: “Lmao. I live in South Africa. This is a dream come true. Also… He has caused massive issues in SA…”

“Yesss , finally I’ve been waiting for this since Jacob Zuma announced his album”, said Flowkid_RSA

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