South Africa: Journalist Karima Brown Wins Case Against EFF

The Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has ruled in favour of political journalist Karima Brown in a case against the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Speaking to News24, following the ruling on Thursday morning, Brown said: “This is a victory for media freedom, a victory against sexism and it is victory for women in journalism and protection and freedom of the media.”

Brown said the court found the EFF had contravened the electoral code and must pay costs. She could not specify how much the costs were.

The talk show host hauled the party to court after receiving death and rape threats after EFF leader Julius Malema published her number on Twitter.

This crux of the case began when Brown mistakenly sent an editorial brief to an EFF media WhatsApp group.

She wrote: “Keep an eye out for this. Who are these elders? Are they all male and how are they chosen? Keep watching brief.”The message was quickly deleted but not before Malema was able to take a screenshot which was posted on his personal Twitter profile (followed by 2.3 million followers at the time) in which he alleged that Brown was attempting to send a mole to the EFF’s breakfast for the elderly, News24 previously reported.

The tweet exposed Brown’s cellphone number without her consent and led to a period of harassment, intimidation as well as death and rape threats.

Brown approached the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) seeking intervention against Malema and his political party.

This is another loss for the EFF in less than two weeks.

Last week, the High Court ruled that comments made by the EFF about Trevor Manuel were “defamatory and false”.

The court ordered the EFF to, within 24 hours, remove the statements from all their media platforms and apologise to Manuel. Manuel is also entitled to damages of R500 000.

The EFF has indicated that it will apply for leave to appeal the case.

Source: News24


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