South Africa: ‘When Will It End? I Wish It Would Happen Tomorrow’ – Gauteng Doctor On Third Wave

For Dr Yakub Essack, a GP in Gauteng, the long workdays have become even longer as GPs become a vital pillar for managing Covid-19 patients in their homes for as long as possible to free up hospital beds during the third wave.

Yakub Essack’s phone is on silent — a luxury for the Gauteng GP. Ever since the third wave of coronavirus smashed into Gauteng this winter, the phone has been a permanently bleeping fixture in his hand.

Facing off against the Covid surge this time round has in large part come down to organising the unfolding chaos via devices. The almost-expected visual horror of cars and people arriving in a desperate onslaught on hospitals, like scenes coming out of India just weeks ago, haven’t played out in Gauteng. Not yet, anyway.

But there is chaos as the Delta variant has pushed the number of positive cases close to an all-time high for the country. Public health medicine specialist in the Gauteng health department, Dr Ntsakisi Maluleke, said on 1 July there were 7,515 patients admitted to Covid wards across the province — 2,410 in public hospitals and 5,105 in private hospitals.

Doctors, paramedics, volunteers, NGOs and hospitals are scrambling,…


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Author : Daily Maverick

Publish date : 2021-07-08 09:33:51

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