South Africa: Luke Dale-Roberts Keeps His Cool and Opens Two New Jozi Kitchens

Jozi diners are booking seats in anticipation of the launch of Luke Dale-Roberts’ new restaurant, The Shortmarket Club, at Oxford Parks. The Test Kitchen Carbon is waiting in the wings.

Oxford Parks is where it’s all happening and Ethos is already open. Luke Dale-Roberts has been consulting to Ethos, designing the new Ethos’ food, changing processes and taking the restaurant past its opening. That part is pretty much over now, with his chef from the Test Kitchen, Ken Phuduhudu, installed as Ethos’ chef. But now he has his own restaurants in which to devote his creative genius. There’s a very short outdoor but urban walk between all of them.

“The stars were aligned,” he smiles when he talks of the way these new developments have happened.

I say “his” own restaurants though Dale-Roberts is in a partnership with Heinz Rynners for all his new Jozi businesses. Heinz and Brad Cilliers had the beautiful Greenhouse exactly where The Shortmarket Club is soon to open. Rynners and Cilliers have reopened a bigger Greenhouse at 24 Central in Sandton with Carolina Rasenti as chef once more.

Shortmarket’s BBQ pork belly, coconut XO, coconut and lemongrass jus. (Photo: Claire Gunn)

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Publish date : 2021-10-01 16:09:20

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