Africa: Pillars of an Action Plan – South Africa’s Youth Step Up to the Climate Challenge

South African youth have made it clear that their voices go beyond being tokens at climate action discussions and have taken action by drafting steps to climate action in line with a future that they would like to live in.

The youth have been driving climate crisis activism globally and nationally, and if their voices weren’t loud enough to encourage leaders to take climate action before, they have once again gathered to vocalise their climate concerns – this time by drafting the first national climate action document by the youth.

The policy, which goes by the name The South African Youth Climate Action Plan (SA YCAP), is a call to national stakeholders. It also appeals to the global community to honour their climate pledges on adaptation and mitigation.

Convened through the Youth Programmes at the South African Institute of International Affairs ([email protected]) in partnership with various organisations, schools, and university groups across South Africa, the document was drafted by young people between the ages of 13 and 30.

Five core pillars inform the action plan, namely: intersectionality; advocacy and activism for climate action; good governance; systematic change; and environmental sustainability. The pillars each emphasised an inclusive and intersectional approach…


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Author : Daily Maverick

Publish date : 2021-10-04 08:57:02

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