South Africa: SA Post Office On Old Social Media Video From 2018

The SA Post Office has noted an old video dating back to 2018 from the news website The Lowvelder, which was taken by a reader and submitted to the newspaper. The video is now being circulated on social media. Both former employees shown in the video plucking chickens were dismissed from the SA Post Office following a disciplinary procedure.

The disciplinary procedure was completed after the publication of the article in the Lowvelder.

The SA Post Office stands for ethical behaviour and has a rigorous policy against all forms of irregular and illegal behaviour. Members of the public can report any behaviour of this nature, or Post Office related crimes, using the following channels:

The toll-free Crime Buster Hotline: 0800 020 070

The SMS line for suggestions and comments: 31133

The email address: [email protected]

When reporting any incident, please include as much evidence and contact details as possible. All reports are followed up. Contact details of the person reporting any incident will be kept confidential.

The new Post Office is working hard to instil an internal culture of being obsessed with the customer and good service. There is evidence that this new focus is paying off. The Post Office branch in question has recently received compliments from members of the public for its good service.

Customers who have reason to pay compliments to a Post Office employee are invited to use the SMS line and email address above to do this. Equally, customers who have reason to complain may use the same SMS line or email address.


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Author : Govt of SA

Publish date : 2021-10-13 12:26:57

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