Sudan: Minister of Industry – Research and consultations are important for resurgence of industries

Khartoum — The Minister of Industry and Trade Madani Abbas Madani has stressed the importance of industrial research and consultations in the resurgence and development of small and medium industries to develop large industries.

The minister said, during an inspection visit on Sunday to the Industrial Research and Consultations at the suburb of Halfaya in Khartoum, that the priorities of the current stage was to pay attention to the added value of Sudanese products, pointing to the need to focus on the research and studies as the basic tool for development. Madani stressed that the research process wass used to reduce the cost of production, stressing the need to provide the necessary information to the decision-makers to help them to develop sound policies, asserting that technical expertise has an active role in the preparation of feasibility studies, pointing to the urgent need for the industrial survey to benefit from it in the Emergency Plan for the First Six Months of the Transitional Period.

The Minister of Industry and Trade pledged full support to the center to enable it to play its role, recalling that the priorities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the transitional period is to pay attention to research and studies to contribute significantly to the sustainability of economic growth in the country. The Director of the Industrial Research and Consultations Center Dr. Widad Hassan Abdel-Halim explained the center’s objectives, specializations and geographical spread at the states, adding that the center contains specialized research institutes, providing samples of the center’s clients and external partners, including the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

“The center has productive units that researchers are referring to, such as flour, dairy and technology transfer units,” she said. She referred to the membership of the center at the Sudan Academy of Sciences, pointing to its programs in the development of sugar industries.


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Publish date : 2019-09-30 09:13:14

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