Sudan: Council of Ministers Issues Statement On Insurgency of Operation Service in Some Areas

Khartoum — The Council of Ministers Tuesday issued a statement which was read over the Minister of Culture and Information and government spokesman, Faisal Mohamed Salih, on the insurgency of the forces of the Operation Department’s personnel of the General Intelligence Service at some areas in Khartoum due to their objection of the financial rewards assigned to them by the concerned authorities after their demobilization and their refuse to hand over their weapons, considering this rewards are less than those that they should receive.

The spokesmen said that some unit of the Operation Service have went out to the streets and blocked some a number of roads with the barricades in Khartoum State and shot fire in the air, indicating that the General Intelligence Service has issued a decision to demobilize the Operations forces after amendment made in the law of the Service that transferred it into a service to collect information.

The statement revealed that the incidents happened in the quarters of Kafouri in Khartoum North and Soba in Khartoum and at the Operation Service headquarters eastern of Khartoum Airport, referring to a limited activity of protest in Al-Obeid city, the capital of North Kordofan State.

According to the statement, the Armed Forces and the regular forces have dealt with the situation and are working to secure the citizens, roads and quarters, announcing that there were no injuries up to now among the citizens and the regular forces, adding that the concerned authorities are continuing efforts to persuade the insurgent units to surrender themselves and their weapons to the regular forces, indicating that in all cases, the Armed Forces and the regular forces assures the citizens that they are capable of resolving the insurgency and securing the citizens and establishments.

In the statement, the spokesman conveyed directives from the Council of Ministers to citizens to keep away from these locations and leave the issue to the regular forces for securing the situation.


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Publish date : 2020-01-15 10:24:16

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