Sudan: UN Rights Body Should Not End Scrutiny of Sudan

Item 10 Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the report of the High Commissioner on Sudan – HRC48

Thank you, Madam President.

Hopes that the 2019 transition would usher a new era into Sudan continue to be dashed.

The transitional authorities have taken some positive measures, including the ratification of key international treaties, but the outstanding tasks remain too critical to be delayed or ignored. A handful of cases involving unlawful killings of protesters are being prosecuted, but many more cases are not, and the government needs to adopt a clear accountability strategy. Security forces continued to hamper investigations by refusing to provide evidence or lift immunities.

The findings of the investigation into the violent dispersal of the sit-in on June 3, 2019, have still not been released. Key transitional institutions such as the legislative council have still not been established.

Meanwhile, increasing violence in Darfur has taken a heavy toll on civilians including loss of life, massive displacement and widespread property damage. The government has failed to provide protection to vulnerable communities there or ensure accountability. The government has still not handed over to the ICC three indicted suspects including ex-President al-Bashir.

Events of the last weeks highlight how key credible security sector reform effort is. They have left many Sudanese questioning whether the transitional authorities will deliver on promises of a better, rights-abiding Sudan.

In this context, it is of great concern that Sudan will lapse off the Council agenda due to inaction, as Council support and scrutiny remains critical. The Council should ensure regular monitoring and reporting by the OHCHR to the Council on the human rights situation on the ground and on the implementation of the work of the Office in Khartoum.


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Author : HRW

Publish date : 2021-10-07 14:44:51

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