Tanzania: PS – Plastic Bags Positive

THE Permanent Secretary in the Vice- President’s Office (Union Affairs and Environment), Engineer Joseph Malongo has expressed satisfaction over the implementation by retailers and wholesalers in downtown Dodoma, of the ban on the use of plastic carrier bags commonly known as ‘Rambo’.

Speaking shortly after an inspection conducted here over the weekend, Eng Malongo, said in addition to the gesture by most traders in the city, members of the public has started switching to alternative bags.

“I am satisfied with the positive response of most traders and residents here to observe the ban of plastic bags use,” the PS said during a media briefing session.

The government introduced the ban on the importation, manufacture, distribution and use of plastic carrier bags beginning June 1. However, the ban doesn’t cover plastic bags used for packaging food products such as bread and milk.

According to Eng Malongo, the government will conduct a sustainable crackdown against traders still supplying plastic bags and that those found with consignments of the items will face the wrath of the law.

“There are some complaints over shortage of alternative bags. But, the government is determined to encourage importation and manufacture of alternative bags,” said the Permanent Secretary.

On his part, Dodoma District Commissioner, Patrobas Katambi said the positive response of the plastic bags use ban was an outcome of a vigorous campaign to raise awareness on the ban through various media.

He said the authorities in Dodoma will have zero tolerance on people who would defy the ban, pointing out that it was unlawful for a motorbike taxi (bodaboda) rider or commuter bus to carry a passenger with a plastic bag.

“Drivers of commuter buses or operators of bodaboda who would be found carrying passengers having plastic bags will be in trouble,” he said.


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Publish date : 2019-06-03 10:18:48

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