Tanzania: 4 Media Outlets Fined 20.5m/ – for Defying Code

THE Content Committee of Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has penalised four broadcasting stations namely Azam Media Limited, Felix Red, HB TV, and Gilly Bonny Online TV to pay a fine of 20.5m/- all in total.

The verdict was passed in Dar es Salaam yesterday by the TCRA’s Chairperson, Ms Valeria Msoka, saying stations were allegedly violating the Electronic Communications and Postal Code of 2018.

Expounding, she said that Azam Media in particular on April 14, this year published and posted on social networks, Instagram and Facebook content that degrades the Maasai tribe.

The Chairman added that, Msoka said the content of the image had a headline ‘Maasai uses human urine to build a house’ and the tribe uses human urine, cow dung, ashes, mud, sticks and leaves when building their homes.

Ms Msoka explained further that the Azam Media was in particular required to pay 5m/-to her institution and issued with a strong warning and asked to apologise within seven days.

On the side of Gilly Bonny TV station, Ms Msoka pointed out that they pay a fine of 5.5m/- and apologize also within seven days for publishing an inflammatory information about Bagamoyo mega project on May 13 this year.

For the Felix Red and HB TV, they were required to pay a 5m/- fine each for various offences and violation of the Electronic Communications and Postal Code of 2018.


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Publish date : 2019-06-06 07:12:57

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