Tanzania: Exploit Opportunities At Mwanza-Isaka SGR – RC

MWANZA region has embarked on public awareness campaign on the on-going Mwanza-Isaka Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project, seeking citizens’ cooperation and exposing the available investment opportunities to investors.

Cargo-sheds installation at Fella, a starting point of the SGR, is among the available investment opportunities to investors, Regional Commissioner (RC), Engineer Robert Gabriel said on Tuesday, during the campaign launch event.

“Prospective investors should now approach and negotiate with residents around Fella, to have plots to set up their investments. There are also lots of opportunities for small entrepreneurs, including food and drinks services throughout the project,” said the RC.

The 3.0617tri/- and 341 kilometres project is set to provide over 10,000 direct jobs to locals.

He added that Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) experts are currently on survey to establish the number of people who will be involved in compensation and the amount to be spent.

“The campaign therefore, is composed of experts from different departments of the TRC, such as environment, compensation and proper land use, as well as railway safety and security,” said Eng Gabriel.

Mwanza-Isaka SGR Project Manager, Machibya Masanja said that over 80 percent of the railway corridor has already been identified, with compensation already on progress.

He insisted that the project has lots of benefits to Tanzanians, especially skills and knowledge transfer from foreign experts to Tanzanians.

Given the fact that training to Tanzania is part of the project’s contract, over 450 Tanzanian youths are set to benefit with such an agreement during Mwanza-Isaka (project) implementation.

Mwanza-Isaka construction is a fifth lot of the whole 1219 kilometres (Dar es Salaam Mwanza) SGR project. Dar es Salaam-Morogoro section covers 300 kilometres at the cost of 2.7tri/-, while Morogoro – Makutupora (Singida) covers 422 kilometres at a cost of 4.4tri/-.

“As the RC has just said, the areas with people and business interaction have been attended first in this project, that is why the third and fourth lots, which are Makutupora – Tabora and Tabora -Isaka respectively will be attended later,” he said.

Mwanza-Isaka section is set to be completed within 36 months, after official inauguration by President SamiaSuluhu Hassan last month, affirmed the Project Manager.


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Author : Daily News

Publish date : 2021-07-08 12:55:10

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