Tanzania: Coastal Aviation Acquires Industry’s Standard Safety Assessment

Dar es Salaam — Coastal Travels Limited yesterday became the only airline in Africa to secure the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA).

The prestigious ISSA is an internationally recognised evaluation system which is synonymous with the highest standards of safety within the aviation industry and sets a new benchmark for operators in Africa.

Speaking yesterday during the ceremony to receive certification, the Coastal Travels Limited’s managing director, Captain Maynard Mkumbwa, said the new development brings a number of benefits to the airline, its clients, business partners and customers

The benefits, he said, include among others, marketing and commercial advantages such as codeshares and interline agreements, increasing confidence to customers, reduction of redundant audits, reduction of insurance premiums.

“This is most certainly an achievement we are honoured to have earned and the Coastal team wishes to reaffirm its commitment to provide reliable, safe and a most pleasurable safari experience to all our guests,” noted Captain Mkumbwa.

This achievement, he expounded, is a reflection of Coastal Travels Limited’s commitment to safety and compliance.

“Coastal Travels Limited is focused on safety as the highest priority in its agenda. It has completed three years of vigorous training and assessments of its pilots and introduced two crew MCC (Multi-Crew Coordination) on all of its flights.

“Safety is an everlasting journey with an elusive destination, but contributes to passenger reassurance and comfort,” he said.

“That chronic sense of unease is what will keep us alert and ready to respond.”

Further, he said, the Coastal team goes through regular re-evaluation and there is constant compliance monitoring on its day-to-day operations.

This is to ensure that the organisation is following Standards and recommended practices.

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) safety regulation director Clara Mpili said with the dynamic aviation market today, particularly with regards to how it affects traveling passengers globally, it is critical that airline operators raise their standards with regards to safety and compliance.

“This is what Coastal Travels Limited has achieved with this certification from IATA today.” Ms Mpili commended.

Precision Air managing director Patrick Mwanri commended Coastal Travels Ltd, saying the more airlines comply with safety standards, the safer the skies.

“When it comes to safety in the aviation industry, there is no competition,” said Mr Mwanri.


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Author : Citizen

Publish date : 2021-07-15 16:58:30

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