Tanzania: Dar RC Orders Psv Do Carry Level Seat As 10000 Register for the Covid Jabs

Dar es Salaam — The Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Amos Makalla has instructed that all passengers in public transport from now on must to wear facial masks.

This according to him is meant to curb rhe spread of the third wave of Covid -19.

He also urged The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (Latra) to ensure PSV carry only the number of people as oer capacity famously known as ‘level seats’ from today.

Makalla made the remarks during a meeting of the region’s defence and security committee on Monday August 02, 2021.

The meeting was convened to evaluate the implementation of the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on the fight against Covid-19 and continued to emphasize the issue of the level seat.

He said there had been lack of management in some areas where he had instructed the Police Force, District Commissioners and Latra to ensure that they properly monitor the guidelines of the Health ministry.

Mr Makalla said no daladala is allowed to let passengers stand except for students.

“Due to challenges that students face in public transport, I allow daldala to carry only five students who will stand but on condition that they must wear masks,” he said.

In addition, RC Makalla has continued to urge citizens to avoid unnecessary gatherings and if happens it is a must then they should ensure that all precautionary measures are taken.

About Covid-19 vaccines

RC Makalla said thousands had already booked to receive the jab.

“According to the Regional Medical Officer by yesterday (August 1, 2021) 10,000 people have already booked to get vaccines and we are afraid the jabs will run out soon,” he said.

On tomorrow August 03, 2021 Covid-19 campaign will start at 550 health centers set to provide the jabs in all 26 regions across the country.

According to the Health ministry, the vaccination targets three groups in the beginning, including health workers, people above the age of 50 and people with underlying conditions.


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Publish date : 2021-08-03 06:45:54

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