Tanzania Says No to Britain Facilitating in Rhodesian Talks

The Rhodesia Herald, October 1, 1976

TANZANIA yesterday criticised British proposals for an immediate conference on Rhodesia, saying Britain still wanted to play a “facilitating role” rather than assume its responsibility as the colonial power.

“This thing is still not coming up to what we wanted,” a senior official said here, reports Iana Reuter.

He said in an interview that a statement issued by the five African Frontline Presidents in Lusaka last weekend made it clear that the “main actors” in any conference should be Britain, as the colonising power, and the authentic representatives of the Rhodesian people.

But he said the terms of the conference announced by the British Foreign Secretary, Mr Anthony Crosland seemed to leave Rhodesian Prime Minister Mr Ian Smith as one of the “main actors”.

“We are not saying the whites should not come in, but as a special interest group, not to negotiate with the blacks. The main participants must be the representatives of the colony and the colonial power,” he said.


According to the Smith government, the aim of the conference was to have an interim government to function until majority rule was implemented.

Both the white minority Rhodesians and the British wanted a transitional government with an African majority in the cabinet and an African Prime Minister.

African leaders were for a constitutional conference, which was to be held outside the country. However, it took another four years before such a conference could be held, eventually leading to majority rule in 1980.

Interference in the internal affairs of former colonies remains a major problem among former colonial masters. They believe they have the best solutions to the world’s problems, while ignoring problems in their own backyards.

When Britain wanted a facilitating role, it was the beginning of the regime change agendas they have been sponsoring with their allies.


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