Tanzania: Local Coffee Consumption to Go Up – Tcb

LOCAL coffee consumption is expected to be raised from the current seven per cent to 15 per cent as the results of local coffee consumption campaign, as well as the government’s efforts meant to reduce dependence on foreign markets for Tanzanian products.

The news was announced by the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) Acting Director General Primus Kimaryo, when commenting on this year’s World Coffee Day.

“The sixth phase government continues to mobilise the use of local products, so as to avoid the dependence of foreign markets in building our economy, this trend as well as the on-going campaign meant to improve the local consumption of coffee will see the increase of the coffee locally,” he said.

Commenting on the World Coffee Day, Mr Kimaryo said the coffee regulating institution would join hands with other stakeholders to mark the occasion, whereby among other things, they are staging a three day event known as the Kahawa Festival 2021.

The Kahawa Festival started on Friday and will end today in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region.

“Coffee is the second largest commercial product in the world, after oil and one of the most popular beverages excluding water; it is due to this factor that the world coffee day was established to celebrate this product. “Tanzania will join other coffee stakeholders worldwide in celebrating this day,” he said.

Mr Kimaryo urged all the coffee stakeholders and consumers to join hands with the TCB in marking the day by visiting the festival grounds where the visitors would be subject to the knowledge of coffee activities from coffee experts including coffee farmers.

“Visitors will be subject to education and other explanations concerning coffee from the farm to the cup; there will also be experts from the coffee researchers who have played a big role in improving and increase the production of the crop in the country,” he said.


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Author : Daily News

Publish date : 2021-10-04 11:40:26

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