Tanzania: Samia Tasks Scouts to Check Crime

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has challenged the Tanzania Scouts Association to think of different ways to tackle criminal activities that have been surfacing in the country, while the youth were being trained by the association on patriotism.

She further asked the association to intensify campaigns on the Covid -19 pandemic, as well as enticing the country to volunteer and accord necessary collaboration to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), during the much awaited August 2022 Population and Housing Census.

The President made the challenge when he met members of the association at Chamwino State House in the country’s capital, Dodoma.

At the meeting, President Samia questioned why was criminal gangs amongst youth still emerge in the country, while there were proper systems of preparing youth in different aspects including recruiting them in the scout association.

She gave an example of the defence systems within the ruling party and the opposition parties, where young men and women ought to defend their leaders, but still, there were some people were still engaging themselves in criminal matters.

However, she had a directive. She asked the Scouts Association to plug on the loopholes that encourage youth to engage in criminal activities by stepping up and help spread the message about crime prevention.

She also challenged the association to fully engage in instilling discipline, ethical standards and good conduct among youth, which will help to shape them and become good citizens.

President Samia insisted that scouts must learn ways to help reduce crime in their neighborhood.

President Samia equally expressed her commitment to ensuring that the association remains strong.

“I will make sure that this association remains strong regardless of race, colour, religion and political affiliations because I understand that it takes all young boys and girls,” she said.

At the colorful State House event, Chief Scout Mwantumu Mahiza, the former political icon, requested the president to consider members of her association in the appointment opportunities under the president.

In response, President Samia said she would take the request into consideration, adding that she was equally monitoring the set target by the Tanzania Scouts Association to have four million members by 2023.

President Samia used the occasion to direct District and Regional Commissioners to consider the alumni of the association especially on how best they can be educated further to help the nation on security matters.

On another development, President Samia asked the association to intensify massive campaigns on the Covid-19 Pandemic, especially on how best they can protect themselves as well as educating people on the importance of the vaccine for the pandemic.

She also reiterated on the importance for the association which has a large network countrywide, to educate people on the importance of the much anticipated population and Housing Census scheduled for August, 2022.

In the final remarks, President Samia said during her presidency, the country was headed for yet another event to mark 60 years of independency as well as 57 years of the United Republic of Tanzania, asking members of the scouts Association to remember and support the country because of the patriotic nature of their training.

At the event, the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) Director General, Salum Hamduni, presented to the president the guidelines that would help to train scouts on how to combat and prevent corruption.

The president also decorated various leaders and individuals who contributed positively towards to the operations of the Tanzania Scouts Association


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Author : Daily News

Publish date : 2021-10-04 13:02:22

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