Korail conducts online training for Tanzania Railway Corporation

Korail conducted an online training to transfer railway operation know-how to Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) employees. / Courtesy of Korail

Korail, South Korea’s railway company, announced on November 11 that it held an online invitational training completion ceremony to strengthen Tanzania’s railway capabilities.

This training was conducted via video for 10 days from November 1st for 22 people, including civil servants of the Ministry of Transport of Tanzania and employees of the Tanzanian Railway Corporation (TRC).

The training course consisted of various programs such as lectures on Korail’s electric railway operation system and vehicle maintenance, watching video tours, and real-time discussions between instructors and trainees.

Korail worked hard to support the shared growth of its partners by organizing a video conference between Tanzanian railway officials and Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Korail announced on November 11 that it held an online invitational training completion ceremony. / Courtesy of Korail

The company has been operating a three-year education and training program since last year to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Korail is carrying out a project to supervise the construction of the Tanzanian Central Line ordered by TRC. In the future, additional projects such as operation and maintenance consulting and education and training are being pursued.

Korail Acting President Jeong Wang-guk said, “We will further strengthen cooperation between the two countries through the training program for railway officials in Tanzania, a base country for targeting the African railway market.”

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