PREMIUM: Morning Brief: Mutebile Abroad for Treatment; UPDF Fortifies Bases; Museveni Headed to Tanzania; Kiryowa on Chinese Grabbing Entebbe Airport

ChimpReports has introduced a new digital product known as the Morning Brief. The edition will run thrice a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The digital product will feature hot political stories, giving readers a glimpse of secret information in the corridors of power. 

The reporters for the Morning Brief will also provide analysis and exclusive content on regional politics, oil and gas deals, regional security developments and hot business stories. 

The articles will be brief but properly contextualised to help readers understand the world around them. Readers will be charged Shs 10,000 per month and Shs 100,000 per annum to have unlimited access to premium content.

However, general current affairs news will remain free of charge for all readers. The next edition will run next Monday, November 29, 2021. For inquiries, please send a WhatsApp message to 0779461966. 

Mutebile Abroad for Treatment 

BoU Governor Emmanuel Mutebile

The Governor Bank of

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